Captains Update January 2021

Here we are in the 3 rd week of what has been a difficult January for everyone. I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected given the circumstances. I am really missing the golf and meeting up with members on the course. I console myself a little saying that “it’s not great golfing weather!” Not willing to speculate on a date for a return to golf, I do think
we are heading in the right direction and with the brighter days ahead, better weather and the vaccine we should be able to look forward to a full golf season in 2021.

The Committee are working away and have been since December and we are getting our systems/communications in place so that when we do get back to playing we will have a great golf programme for the year for members to make up for lost time.

The main activities of the committee at present are:

  • Continue the progress in setting up our Club V1 to suit our needs. There are many features available with this programme
    and we hope to make the most of them going forward.
  • A lot of work on the World Handicap System has been done to date and is ongoing to ensure everyone can access their
    Handicap when competitions start again.
  • Make sure our finances are in order and even though we have no income at present we are still getting bills in which must
    be paid.
  • We have a number of projects underway including developing a sponsorship programme with the hope of attracting past
    sponsors and new ones.

This is an important activity to ensure that our finances are kept in good shape and we welcome all members to consider becoming a sponsor. More details on this initiative will follow.

The Junior Section of the golf club is in good shape and we would like to build on this in 2021. A number of ideas are being considered for the Juniors and again more details will follow.

An Interclub Competition Committee has been set up and they have decided which Golf Ireland competitions we will compete in this year. These competitions provide a great opportunity for our members to test themselves out against members from other clubs and I am hopeful that we can produce some great performances in 2021. More details to follow.

We all look forward to getting back out on the course and Jamie and the staff are working away on the course. The weather must be making the job more difficult but I am confident that the course will be in good shape when we return. Jamie reports that the greens have been verti drained and hollow cored. They are also removing stumps this and next week in addition to the general maintenance.

We will keep you posted on further developments and hopefully see you all on the course in the not too distant future.

Regards and Stay Safe

Fran Mackey