Fiachra Mc out in front/Interclub news

Fiachra Mc Manus (20) won this year’s 1st race to the Bridge event with a score 0f 42 pts. Fiachra’s 8 pars being the backbone of his excellent return. Cat 1 was won by Pat Courtney (8) with 37 pts, 78 gross Pat, super scoring. Cat 2 honors were awarded to Andrew Maher (15) for his wining score of 39 pts, very steady performer is our Andrew i reckon he will loose a few this season. Cat 3 was won by Mickal Zabek (18) with 42 pts, Mickal was actually beaten on the countback for the overall. Cat 4 was won by that man again Sean Gaffney (28) with 39 pts, another candidate for loosing a few shots this season.

Great result v Cill Dara in the Leinster 4 ball that vital point away lads well done. Pierce Purcell Panel meeting has been arranged/set by Ossie and Skiner. It will take place on Thursday evening the 4th of April at 7 pm in the clubhouse, all panel members need to attend.

The Fred Perry trophy and Duggan cup, over 55 and 50 respectively will have fixtures in late April. Panel sheets are in the dressing room so if you are interested please get your names down. There is one name on the Fred Perry trophy panel sheet which is shocking for a club like ours. We will of course field a competitive team but means that the management team have to go through the membership lists and start contacting people which tbh is time consuming and a pain. Get your names down people.