Jason thorpedo’s the Field

And he sure did, Jason played his 9 holes in one under par with 2 consecutive birdies on the 3rd and 4th holes following on from his only bogey on the 2nd. Provincial towns banker lads. Jason’s efforts resulted in 2 dozen points being proudly penciled into the scorebox on his card. We are gonna need bigger boxes Jim. Cat 1 was won by Noel Guerin with 19 points, well done Noel. Cat 2 honors went to Mark Farrington with 23pts, would have taken the overall most weeks Mark, always the some Bo…….sorry had to self censor. Cat 3 went to Liam Devine who also returned 23 pts. This was our first “Drop Weekend” with competitors in both the team and individual leagues dropping their worst score. Have a look at the tables which have your lowest dropped score and the next worse score to be dropped nicely color coded, lots of ifs, buts, maybes etc, better than looking at Corrie or Emerdallas. In the team event the “are we there yets” on 274 lead by 4 from “lifes a pitch” and “slumdog slingers” 4 back on 270. So we all got to target beating our next lowest score in the weeks ahead, The leagues will tighten up as people with easier scores to drop propel themselves up the table. Watch out for someone coming from nowhere with 4 nines in the twenties to pinch your voucher on the last day…. oh the excitement.