Kevin Mac Collects

An excellent return of 22 pts saw Kevin Mac Donald win the latest round of the Winter League at “Kildare’s premier golfing venue”…Jim Russell said to say that…. Just looking at some of the recent scores Kevin has posted for his team i am not surprised that he will be driving out the gate next week with a nice Voucher tucked in his Sky Rocket. Another great field again this weekend folks with over 130 cards dropping into the returns box.

Class 1 was won by Kesh O Reilly on the count-back L3 with a score of 19pts, well done big man. Class 2 honors were taken by Mick Spenser with a score of 21 pts, good to see Mick getting back into form, well done sir. Class 3 was won by James Johnstone also with a return of 21 pts. Congrats James. The weather this weekend a little more tricky and this was reflected in the scores but such a benign start to the year weather wise surely has to be redressed by Evelyn C at some stage. In the team section of the league the gentlemen from the “Lifes a pitch” crew currently have everyone else in the rear-view mirror with 233 pts. “Catch us if yis can ladz”