Jason thorpedo’s the Field

And he sure did, Jason played his 9 holes in one under par with 2 consecutive birdies on the 3rd and 4th holes following on from his only bogey on the 2nd. Provincial towns banker lads. Jason’s efforts resulted in 2 dozen points being proudly penciled into the scorebox on his card. We are gonna need bigger boxes Jim. Cat 1 was won by Noel Guerin with 19 points, well done Noel. Cat 2 honors went to Mark Farrington with 23pts, would have taken the overall most weeks Mark, always the some Bo…….sorry had to self censor. Cat 3 went to Liam Devine who also returned 23 pts. This was our first “Drop Weekend” with competitors in both the team and individual leagues dropping their worst score. Have a look at the tables which have your lowest dropped score and the next worse score to be dropped nicely color coded, lots of ifs, buts, maybes etc, better than looking at Corrie or Emerdallas. In the team event the “are we there yets” on 274 lead by 4 from “lifes a pitch” and “slumdog slingers” 4 back on 270. So we all got to target beating our next lowest score in the weeks ahead, The leagues will tighten up as people with easier scores to drop propel themselves up the table. Watch out for someone coming from nowhere with 4 nines in the twenties to pinch your voucher on the last day…. oh the excitement.

M K Dons the winners mantel…again.

Apologies on the headline could not help myself, anyway groundhog day Mick Kenny had 24 pts and won again ah here lads, seriously Though Micheal really well done again. Micheal has shown some brilliant form the past few weeks, hoped you have not peaked too early for those anxious interclub managers all queuing up at your front door. Another great field again at the weekend, really need to book your BRS slot early people.

In the category prizes Jamie Stafford took cat 1 honors with 21 pts, did not know you played Jamie excellent stuff. Cat 2 was won by Tony Bergin with 22 pts well done Tony. Cat 3 was won by Sean Murray also with 22 pts. super stuff Sean, that lovely roast beef might still be on offer in Supervalu Newbridge lads.

In the team section “under par” on 274 pts now lead the way from “are we there yet” and last weeks top spotters “lifes a pitch” who seemed to have gotten a puncture in slipping back to 3rd. Next week is our 8th in the league (best 8 cards for final score) so the following week the individual Categories will get interesting as players try and drop their worst card.

Kevin Mac Collects

An excellent return of 22 pts saw Kevin Mac Donald win the latest round of the Winter League at “Kildare’s premier golfing venue”…Jim Russell said to say that…. Just looking at some of the recent scores Kevin has posted for his team i am not surprised that he will be driving out the gate next week with a nice Voucher tucked in his Sky Rocket. Another great field again this weekend folks with over 130 cards dropping into the returns box.

Class 1 was won by Kesh O Reilly on the count-back L3 with a score of 19pts, well done big man. Class 2 honors were taken by Mick Spenser with a score of 21 pts, good to see Mick getting back into form, well done sir. Class 3 was won by James Johnstone also with a return of 21 pts. Congrats James. The weather this weekend a little more tricky and this was reflected in the scores but such a benign start to the year weather wise surely has to be redressed by Evelyn C at some stage. In the team section of the league the gentlemen from the “Lifes a pitch” crew currently have everyone else in the rear-view mirror with 233 pts. “Catch us if yis can ladz”

Midweek Magic from Mick

Micheal Kenny’s (16) 20 pts was good enough win the prize in this weeks Midweek 9 holer. Micheal’s form in recent weeks has been consistently good. Just look at the scores Micheal has contributed to his team in the last 5 weeks 22pts, 19pts, 20pts, 21pts and 21 pts. Brilliant stuff….your gonna be busy this Summer Micheal.

The fields in the midweek competitions can sometimes be quite small when compared to the weekends but according to a lot of golf pro’s and coaches there is nothing better for sharpening up your game than regular competition and our midweek 9 holers, which you can play in as often as you like by the way are ideal in this regard.

2 dozen for Dave

The calm spring like weather over the weekend saw a large entry of 110 competitors take to the Fairways to compete in the Winter League. When all was sorted late last night Dave Fox’s card sat proudly at the top of Kesh’s pile. Dave had 24 pts, great round Dave 5 pars and 4 bogeys, very tidy.

Class 1 honors went to Alan Flanagan with 21 pts, well done Alan. Cl 2 honors were secured by Cormac Noone with a score of 22 pts on the countback, 2 over for 9 and 2 birdies in a row, bout time Mr Noone. Cl 3 was won by Paul English with a score of 21 pts. Good shooting Paul.

The team to catch are the Under Par Lads who lead the field by 5 on 198 pts from “Life’s a pitch” and “are we there yet” both on 193 pts.

I see a number of teams struggling to get there players out some weeks so if you have missed some weekends please do your best to get a score on the board for your team for the remainder of the league.

Over 50’s and 55’s come on don’t be shy

Last season saw our Duggan Cup Squad get to the semi finals taking some nice scalps along the way including Lisheen Springs, Baltinglass The Castle and Killeen. The Duggan cup is for players over 50 on Jan 1st 2019 so anyone who turned 50 last year and is interested in be part of this years Panel please put your name on the panel sheet in the mens locker room. The Fred Perry Trophy is a new GUI competition for players over 55 on Jan 1st 2019. Considering our great Run in the Duggan Cup last year and the similar age profile this is a competition where you would think we would be competitive. Further details on this competition will be posted here on the website in the coming days

Happy New Year

Evening all and happy new, what great weather so far. Judging by all the team sheets now appearing in the locker rooms it looks like our inter-club managers mean business again this season. Anyone interested in playing interclub really need to get there names down on the respective panel sheets. The winter league is progressing well with excellent numbers playing each week we will do a news item on the results so far after this weekends results. The ninth green is settling well but the approach area’s are still soft so KEEP OFF.